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Call for Papers

Hwa Kang English Journal, Vol. 23 (July 2018)

We welcome original submissions from domestic and foreign scholars in the fields of literature, linguistics, English teaching, translation studies, and cultural studies. In addition to articles on research, methodology and criticism, the journal also welcomes book reviews.

Submission Deadlines: December 31, 2017


     Manuscripts should be written in English. Papers in the field of literature should follow MLA style; those in the fields of linguistics and English teaching adhere to APA style.

     Manuscripts should be close to 20 pages or 7000 words in length, inclusive of separate English and Chinese abstracts (250 words maximum), each with 3 to 6 keywords below. HKEJ’s length standard is flexible based on the merit and originality of the submission, but articles that depart significantly from these guidelines will face a reduced likelihood of acceptance.  

     All submissions and correspondence should be transmitted electronically via e-mail. Please submit electronic files of the manuscripts (in Microsoft Word) to To complete the submission, you have to fill out the “Author Data Form” in our cloud drive via this link: In case you are not able to access the form in our cloud drive, you may download another version of the form (available at and send it along with your manuscript by email.

     Preliminary internal review is without charge; authors of papers forwarded for external review will be charged NT$2000 to fund the referees’ stipend.

     Our journal will not consider for publication manuscripts being simultaneously submitted elsewhere, or any material that has been previously published under the author’s own name or the name of any other author.

     Sections or chapters of authors’ own M.A. theses or Ph.D. dissertations may be revised and submitted for consideration. The author should indicate that his/her submission is part of his/her degree work in a revised form.

     Upon acceptance for publication, the author is required to sign a copyright agreement form (available at

     The author will receive one copy of the journal and a PDF file of the article upon publication.

     Book reviews should cover books published within the last five years and should be around 2 pages in length. They should include full bibliographical data at the top of the text, as well as the total number of pages in the book.

  For other information regarding submissions, please refer to our submission guidelines at



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《華岡英語期刊》為中國文化大學英文系出版發行之英語學術期刊,前身為《華岡英語學報》,創刊於1995年7月,自民99年7月起改為現刊名;曾於2010至2012年間改為半年刊,但自2013年9月恢復為一年一期。本刊致力於提供學者們研究發表的園地,以促進學術交流,專門刊載文學、英語教學、語言學、翻譯學及文化研究等領域的原創性學術研究論文,歡迎國內外專家學者投稿。本刊收錄於臺灣人文學引文索引期刊(THCI)資料庫,並列入MLA International Bibliography。








文稿長度以20頁或7000字上下為原則,含中英文摘要(各250字為限) 、3至6個中英文關鍵詞。本刊將視來稿品質及原創性,對於長度限制採彈性作法。

投稿者論文請以Microsoft Word繕打存檔,以電子郵件傳到本刊信箱(,並請務必上網填寫「投稿者基本資料及保證書」表單 (網址:。倘若無法進入上述表單,亦可至本刊網站下載電子檔(網址:,填寫完成後,與論文檔案一併傳到本刊信箱。














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