ICPEAL & CLDC _ Call for papers 發佈時間:Dec. 27, 2017, 4:04 p.m.

International Conference on the Processing of East Asian Languages 17 &
Conference on Discourse, Language, and Cognition 9
Recent Call for Papers   Call Deadline: 10-Feb-2018
Call for Papers:
Theme of ICPEAL 17 - CLDC 9: Between Culture and Cognition
The joint conference ICPEAL 17 - CLDC 9 provides an international forum that
brings together researchers interested in language, discourse, cognition,
and processing of not only East Asian languages, but languages in general.
ICPEAL 17 - CLDC 9 sets Between Culture and Cognition -- the place language
often is situated in -- as the main theme, in the hope that we can further
explore various issues bearing on the symbiosis between cognitive and
cultural approaches to the study of language.
We would like to invite original abstracts on topics dealing with, but not
limited to, the following broad disciplines or sub-disciplines:
- Character and word processing
- Sentence and discourse processing
- Concept / knowledge representation and storage
- Speech perception, prosody and auditory processing
- Language production
- Language acquisition, development, and learning
- Bilingualism
- Language computational modeling
- Language-related cognitive and emotional processing
- Developmental and acquired language disorders
- Cognitive pragmatics and culture
- Discourse analysis
- Language and culture
- Language and cognition
- Cognitive Linguistics
- Metaphor and metonymy
- Iconicity
- Linguistic typology and culture
- Linguistic typology and cognition
- Corpus linguistics
Submission Format:
Abstracts must be written in English and are limited to one A4 page (Times
New Roman, 12 pt font, single-spaced), excluding references. Authors are
limited to one first-authored submission only. Please do not include in your
abstract any information that may reveal your identity, as the review
process will be conducted anonymously.
Submission Guidelines:
ICPEAL 17 - CLDC 9 will accept online submissions only, via the EasyChair
Conference System. Submissions will not be accepted in the hard copy format
or by email transmission.
To start your submission, please click on the link:
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icpeal17cldc9 Please note that if
you do not have an account on the EasyChair Conference System, you need to
sign up for an account first. You can start the submission process after you
log in to the system.
1. Please log in to the submission system and complete the form.
2. Please do NOT include any example or reference in the main text of the
abstract. In addition to typing your abstract into the text box, please
prepare a pdf file and upload it in the paper column (at the bottom of the
form). In the pdf file, you can include special characters or fonts (e.g.,
IPA) used in the main text of the abstract and in the supplementary
materials (examples, references, etc.). The pdf file should NOT contain any
personal information that may reveal the authors' identities.
3. Please specify at least three keywords for your abstract. Also, please
identify at least one subfield related to your work by checking the
subfield(s) from the list provided above, and write it both in your pdf and
the keyword box. If the topic of your abstract belongs to a category not
listed, please select ''others''.
4. Please click ''Abstract Only'' to proceed.
5. Shortly after you complete the submission process, an e-mail message
confirming receipt of your abstract will be sent to you.
Language Used at the Conference: English
Should you have any further questions, please contact us at