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TAIWAN LINGUIST LIST (shortened as Ling-TW) provides a platform for linguists in Taiwan to exchange views and placard. If your posts are related to language, linguistics, or language instruction, please upload all your content in email text without attached files. Then, send your email to: ( you want to subscribe or unsubscribe this forum, please click the address ( to National Tsing Hua University e-news page. Ling-TW has not provided address service yet.

In addition, please be aware that if our system sends emails to your subscribing email address and all be rejected for 4 times, your address will be removed from subscriber list. In case you have encountered some problems about missing e-mail before, you can click the e-news address ( to check whether you are in the subscriber list, or send query email to (

Before 2006, our pro-newsletter sending system would directly inform you the sender’s address. However, our new sending system’s sender is set as “Ling-TW.” Hence, if you want to register for Ling-TW’s latest campaigns or events, please directly contact that event’s sponsor, and don’t reply to Ling-TW sending system.